A Yarn Specialty Shop

“Where friends who sit together
can knit or crochet together!”

Winter Festival of Classes

Jan. 31 & Feb. 1

I’ve decided to try something fun and new to help break up the long winter months. Check out all the fun classes below that are free, that’s right no class fees required…some classes will require the purchase of materials however. You must pre-register for each class you plan to attend

…call the shop or come in. 763-785-4900 

To find the list of classes go to the Newsletter page and click on New Flash!

In addition I will fill the clearance bins at the front of the shop with some excellent yarns! Alas, I must make room for all the new yarns that are beginning to arrive. The clearance bins will be available beginning Saturday.

We have a gourmet baker on our staff, aka Monday Night Barb, who is going to bake mini cupcakes in a variety of specially flavors…Barb could easily own her own specialty bake shop, she is that good! 

We have t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale that say…

it's all about yarn







We have looms for sale and weaving classes too…check out the class page under weaving for pricing.


CF-Logo-update-web All About Yarn, is part of the Custom Fit Sweater Program and is leading the country in number of customers who have taken the sweater knitting plunge with over 150 new members.  Photos of finished sweaters are shown in the Project Gallery.


Check out our Ravelry page for patterns that we sell at the shop and for free patterns too!  



New shop samples made weekly!

At All About Yarn, when your receipts total $300 you then receive 20% off on as large a purchase as you desire on your next shopping trip, classes excluded.

Classes held morning and nightly here! Open for fiber enthusiasts to sit and enjoy all other times!

My son-in-law holding hand made traditional Christmas Socks from our family pattern now into the 4th generation with the birth of my 1st grandchild.

garett sox

christmas sock











New photos in the photo galleries of projects are added weekly.


Friendship Friday’s!

Join us on Friday afternoon from 2-5 pm.  Meet new friends!  The fireplace table and chairs will be reserved for those of you who want to come on in and sit and knit or crochet.  The Kuerig is available with lots of choices.

Mother Bear

Since we have opened we have been providing a space for the “Mother Bear Project” to meet at our shop. They meet every 4th Friday morning of the month from 10-12.  New members are always welcome.

Email:  AllAboutYarn@hotmail.com