Jr. High gym class…

The other night in my Tuesday night Pick a Project class there was quite a bit of social chatting going on and somehow we came upon the subject of how much we all hated gym class in Jr. High school. It’s not that we hated gym classes so much it was the required shower after class and the torturous feelings we all seemed to agree upon that we endured. Getting undressed at that age in front of your peers was not something any of us were used to and we all had good stories of how we used that itty bitty towel to hide as we tried to undress. And then after undressing it was the short romp into the shower where one worked very hard at not showering because that would mean the towel would have to be removed. For me a Coon Rapids Jr. High graduate our gym teachers then stood at the exit doorway to the shower with some kind of a clip board and checked us out as we left and yes believe it or not we had to open that precious towel so she could make sure we actually showered not just stuck our arm or foot in the water…and with that check list there was no way to skip the dreaded shower line either. My trick was to be at the very end of the line close to when the bell rang and the teacher would hurry us slackers through. Come on really…no wonder these memories were blocked from my mind and only resurfaced with this oh so special topic at knitting class! Thanks ladies for the trip down memory lane…so glad to learn I wasn’t suffering alone all those years ago! – Rox

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