Bachelorette and a book review too…

Well, if you haven’t heard by now the Bachelorette ended this past Monday night with Andi’s selection of Josh against my wishes. Yes, I was a Nick fan, however after his whining & revelation later in the evening with a live performance and ending to the season, I’m no longer a Nick fan!!! This is my first completed reality tv show and I think as far as the Bachelorette & the new upcoming Bachelor season I might be hooked…but only for these two series. I really prefer to watch on my dvr, so I can speed through all the nonsense and commercials too! I did get a little tired of the word amazing being overused…how can that many guys be so amazing Andi! Also, how can so may men be so in love with Andi and all use the same words to describe their feelings for her, over and over…oh that is what is nice about the dvr…

I finished a book this past week as well called House Kitchen, another story of slavery this one set around the turn of the 19th century in Virginia. My goodness, talk about depressing, I kept reading and reading, thinking something good is going to come out of this story…I know, I’m so naive…but alas, right up until the last page or two nothing but terrible, terrible things happened to all the characters in this story! The one good thing that does come out of these books and movies is once again awareness of the atrocities that have occurred in our very own country, not to mention those still going on throughout our world today. I really need a fun, happy book though, it’s been ages since I’ve read one.

Today, I’m on one of those 36 hour trips to Birch Lake and enjoying a most beautiful view and quiet time on what looks to be a perfect summer day. –Rox


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