Please put your glasses on dear…

So a couple of weeks ago my husband who is an early bird and usually likes to get up at the “hour of stupid” which would be 4:30-5am, suddenly was sleeping in. The reason I call this the “hour of stupid” as I like to tell him, is that he doesn’t have to go to work or have any early morning commitments…but alas, he and the dogs like to get up at this time and so I usually just throw the covers over my head, roll over and go back to sleep. Ok, I got off track here, but I did have to set the stage. So anyway, he started sleeping in, falling asleep while we were watching tv at night and complaining about being really, really tired. Being the no-it-all that I am, I told him it was because he never “get’s enough sleep” and now that he is 60 his body needs more sleep! I heard a quietly mumbled “whatever.” My husband also has relied a little to heavily on Ibuprofen at times for relief of his aches and pains…another thing I nag him about! Well, the other day, I had a rare headache and so I decided I should take a couple of Ibuprofen myself and went into the medicine cabinet and grabbed the bottle. I started to open it and then I took another look at the bottle as it looked different and then I saw that it was labeled Advil PM…and  I said to myself that is weird, we’ve never had Advil PM in our house, I looked back in the medicine cabinet for regular Advil and found none…well now you know where this story is going don’t you…as it hit me too! I said ever so sweetly to my husband, “is this the Ibuprofen bottle you have been using for your daily aches and pains,” and my husband says” yes, why?” Well, I said, “because it’s Advil PM and than’s why you have been so tired my dear!!!”And then I added,  “will you please wear your glasses when you grocery shop, it’s bad enough when you buy decafe coffee accidentally but Advil PM is just not an acceptable mistake! What am I going to do with this guy! – Rox

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