After having 21 month old Nolan around for two weeks you could say that I am now going through the various stages of Nolie withdrawal. We FaceTime so I can get my little fix almost daily but that hasn’t been helping much because as soon as we connect and I say hi Nolie how’s my buddy today,  he immediately responds with Boppa. Boppa is grandpa’s name and then if Boppa is home he will pop into the screen and Nolan will smile and Boppa will make some crazy sounds and outlandish gestures and the little guy will giggle and smile. Then Boppa moves off the screen and it’s my turn to chat and off Nolan goes to play with toys or run about…I’ll say hey Nolie, come back and talk with Gagabut nope he’s to busy…and Gaga is sad…oh I can usually get a good-bye and a kiss still but somehow I feel shorted. My brain is thinking and saying…hey buddy remember me, the one who took you to, two playgrounds everyday and found all the sewers for you to look at and climbed on all the playsets with you and went down the skinny tube slide with you and gave you baths and all your meals and changed your pants and read you night time stories and sang lullaby’s too…remember GAGA, the one who taught you Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses and the one you hugged and hugged and the one who carried you lots and lots because you kept saying up and up. And so you see, I’m having a little withdrawal problem here and my next visit is not until November, yikes! I have however decided to change up my FaceTime routine and I’ve got my repertoire of songs already to go now and my hand gestures too and when he asks where Boppa is, I’ll say Boppa is on the boat, heehee! – Rox

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