First it was the minnows and now it’s the squirrels…

Well, my biking season is coming to a close rather quickly here with the onslaught of cold rainy weather but maybe that’s a good thing since lately I’ve had to make a lot of quick maneuvers to avoid a squirrel collision. First it was the deluge of rain we had in May and June that caused many of my trails to be closed until July…and when I ventured through a few spots that were passable I was literally biking with minnows. Now it’s the squirrels, and it’s not one or two, they are everywhere and I have to really stay focused as I’ve already had a couple of close calls…no more yarn shop day dreaming for me. These squirrels apparently heard that there is a another Polar Vortex heading towards Minnesota for another long snowy and cold winter and they are furiously gathering acorns. They are quicker than a bike and they know they can get out of the way in the knick of time, however as a biker I might not realize this and swerving on a bike is not a real good idea. I just about hit the 700 mile mark for the summer and I was hoping to make 750 but since I’m not a cold weather biking fan I might have to be happy with 700 miles. Sadly, I did not get on one long trip down to and around Mpls for the first time in 8 years, Most of my morning outings were 10-12 miles with one weekend ride usually around 22 miles. Biking with friends happened only once and my husband joined me for just a few. So it was me, myself and I out there enjoying all the early morning outdoor sunshine I could get…oh and the minnows and squirrels too! – Rox

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